Personal Updates: 2. 2015: The Year of Numbers

“New Year. New Me”. How many times have you come across the saying? To be honest, I am all for New Year Resolutions, for example, this time last year it was my goals for 2014 that led me to go on my six month cutting transformation.

Now that I have gotten one of my biggest achievements in terms of fitness out of the way, it is hard to set the bar as high this year. But after much thinking, I believe I have come up with a few demanding yet achievable ones;

1. Squat – 140kg. This was and still is my PR that I had set more than 12 months ago, but since losing about 20kg one that I have struggled to come back to in the past year. I feel now, with my current best standing at around 110-120kg for 4 reps that at least by the end of this year, if not by summer, it is time to push on. Although matching a PR would not be considered ambitious, in my opinion achieving this at a much lighter bodyweight and a much healthier body fat level would be great.

2. Deadlift – 180kg. Ah deadlifts; my Marmite. Despite loving this compound lift for how its “manly” feel (it’s hard to explain), I have been stuck at just being able to shift just over three plates on either side for over a year now! To try and push on from this, I have already started incorporating more accessory movements to compliment with this lift and from now, may try to test my max once every 2-3 weeks.

3. Bench – 120kg. My bench has followed the same pattern as my squat: when it was up, it was up and when it was down, it was down (and when they were only half way up, they were neither up or down). As such I shall attempt to match my old bench PR whilst being lighter and to be honest will not be changing my routine much in trying to do so, apart from being more patient.

4. BW – close to 80kg. My ultimate goal is to weight 180lbs, around 82-85kg for us metric unit users, whilst being as lean as possible. Currently on a lean bulk, aiming to gain no more and no less than 0.3-0.7kg a month, I shall be crawling ever closer to this target weight before going on my next cutting/dieting phase.

Despite being a recreational bodybuilder, where the (wo)man in the mirror is more important than the weights you push, having these numbers as targets in my head will make it easier for me to make sure I am heading in the right direction and to track my progress as the year goes on.

I hope this has inspired you to think and create some goals for yourself this year, and I wish you the very best in trying to achieve them. Happy New Year!



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